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“If you’re not buying Australian, why? Why NOT?”

August 25, 2009

Wayne, the eccentric, fat-handed, real estate agent, is a whirlwind of colloquialisms and flamboyant gestures. I’m watching him with wide eyes as he swings those chunky mittens round his cramped office as if he’s directing a plane with fleshy pink paddles. I’m firmly of the opinion that if you were to take a blood sample […]

A-League of my own

August 21, 2009

It is a common grumble amongst veteran football supporters in England that media coverage of the sport has reached saturation point. Last season, if you could afford a satellite subscription and held no truck with social interaction, you could conceivably watch a match every night of the week. I must admit, I was one of […]

Down on the farm

August 15, 2009

One of the most surprising features of Australian society I have found is the multitude of rules designed to regulate all aspects of daily life. Don’t eat on the train. Don’t drink on the bus. Don’t be lured into eating on the train and drinking on the bus by the food and beverage vending machines […]