Same Crap, Different Bucket
An Englishman's adventure in the land that Chocolate Digestives forgot.

Australia 1 Denmark 0

Taking the bins out. De-scaling the kettle. The music of Jack Johnson. An evening with Michael Owen. Digesting a Ryvita on a rail replacement bus service between Reading and Didcot Parkway. Putting your hand through a carrier bag to retrieve a wet dog stool. 

Eltham train station on a Sunday evening in January. Eltham train station on a Sunday evening in June. Traffic control systems on the A319. Going shopping for work trousers in Bromley. Perusing the recipes in the Mail on Sunday Magazine in a doctor’s surgery waiting room. The ten minutes it takes to get off a plane when everyone goes a bit mental trying to get their bags from the overhead lockers. Banging your elbow. Picking a scab. Blasting someone else’s skidmarks off the back of the toilet bowl with your own piss jet. Dido. 

The CDs they sell in post offices. The Australian Rock Paper Scissors Championships. Bleeding gums. Jester hats. Interest rates. Lilt. The pattern on the seat upholstery on the District Line. Kevin Rudd’s spectacle frames. Damp manila envelopes containing tax return forms. The sound of a vacuum cleaner repeatedly hitting a skirting board.  Mark Bosnich’s laugh. A lost child in Debenhams.  Tripping over a paving slab. Pushing cotton wool buds too far into your ear canal. This blog post. 

Watching Australia v Denmark. In the Belconnen Premier Inn, Canberra. On the eve of a workshop at the Australian Bureau of Statistics on data collection policy.


2 Responses to “Australia 1 Denmark 0”

  1. All spot on except 1.


  2. Totally Tropical Taste.

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